Chataqua Park–Boulder, CO

The view from the park entrance
With the mountains so close, there is always something to do that involves nature.  Normally we settle for hiking close to home at a nearby resevoir or nature reserve.  Since we were in Boulder to see the Celestial Seasonings tour, we just had to stop and take a hike at Chataqua Park.
Colorado University campus down below
The park is located off Baseline road which makes it pretty easy to access.  It sits just west of Colorado University, home of the Buffs.  What I love about the park is that all of the trails are easily accessible (without getting lost) and have great views of the city below.  Near the entrance there is a nice open park and playground where families can picnic.  There is a Ranger station where you can learn more about the trails and pick-up maps and a restaurant for a bite afterwards. 
Flat Irons
I have hiked Chataqua with just my oldest son (8 yrs old) and myself before, but this was the first time at the park for the twins who are 5.  My boys and I have been hiking ever since they were very young and now hiking is just how we roll.
The only way to get to the trails is up.  I noticed right away that I was huffin’ and puffin’ a lot more than the last time I was up there.  I’m glad my husband was there because the boys were jumpin’ on every boulder in site. The outstanding views made for a great payoff.  I figured, “What the hay, it’ll be awhile before we make it back,” so I trudged on. 

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