How I Style My Heat Damaged Hair for a Wash n’ Go

A plait in front helps to
blend the straight pieces
with the rest of my curly hair
Even though the majority of my hair is still nice and curly, the front of my hair is practically straight when I wear a wash n’ go because of heat damage.  I’ve been doing lots of braid outs and twist outs to help add texture to that area.  I finally figured out how to blend the straight pieces in with the rest of my hair when I wear my natural curls.  I feel so silly for not figuring it out sooner but hey, better late than never.
Gel of Choice
for my Wash n’ Go styles
Basically, I apply product to my hair the way I normally would for a wash n’ go.  I use leave-in conditioner on wet hair (usually Suave Coconut Conditioner) and then seal with oil.  Right now I’m lovin’ African Royale’s Hot Six Oil, which is a Bronner Bros. product.  Then I apply Argan Oil Eco Styler Gel to my hair in medium size sections starting with the back and rake it through.  When I get to the front, heat damaged area, I still apply products in the same way.  Then I take that section and braid it up in one plait.  Sometimes I’ll do a two strand twist with a roller on the end.  Since I start my wash n’ go’s at night, I usually pull the rest of my hair back into a puff and cover my hair with a satin bonnet.  The next day I take down the puff and spritz with my leave-in spray mixture.  Then I shake my hair out to bring the curls back to life.  Lastly, I take down the plait or twist, which is usually a bit damp but is now wavy in texture and blends in better with the rest of my hair. 
The front now blends with the rest of my hair
Wavy bangs are better than straight for this look
Back/Side View

3 thoughts on “How I Style My Heat Damaged Hair for a Wash n’ Go

  1. Sabrina/ says:

    You are working with what you've got until it's all better. That's all we can do!

  2. Mimi says:

    I know right? This section was damaged before and I chopped and grew it back but it's so fine that it can't handle the heat. I'm not cutting it again though. It'll work itself out 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thnx for the tips, I also have damaged hair and I've been looking for some products, I will take into account what you do and complement it with the product I just got, it's Pro Naturals Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment with Heat Protector which works great and leaves the hair shiny, soft and healthy.

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