Eco Styler Wash n’ Go Trials

A few months ago I learned more about Aloe Vera and how it can help restore the natural pH balance of my hair.  This had me wondering what would happen if I added Aloe Vera juice to one of my staple products Eco Styler gel

I’ve been using this gel for my wash n’ go styles and whenever I need to slick down my edges.  However, if I forget to apply enough moisturizing products underneath it, my hair ends up a little on the crunchy side.  So, I figured why not add aloe vera and see if that makes a difference since it will help bring the pH of the gel down (hopefully).  I don’t have pH tester strips yet so I can’t verify what pH I ended up with but the results were good.  The product, as always, helped define my curls.  Upon drying though; dry crunchy hair.  What gives?! 

I’ve been learning in the past few months that it’s not just the pH that is important but also the ingredients.  This little experiment made me realize that it may be the glycerin in the product that always gives me the “Ramen Noodle effect” which is why I always need use oil and conditioner underneath.  Also, living in a dry climate where there is no humidity present can also add to the drying (not moisturizing) effect of the glycerin.  For now, I’m avoiding the Eco Styler or using it sparingly until I can figure out the combination that works for me.

Before applying the aloe/gel mix

My hair with Aloe/ Gel mixture
applied to one section

3 thoughts on “Eco Styler Wash n’ Go Trials

  1. Rhonda McKnight says:

    I've been unsuccessful at WNG's with Eco green and krystal. One to pink next week. I get great results using Donna Marie's Miracurl. I might be spoiled.

  2. Mimi says:

    I go back and forth. I went back to Eco when I saw how dry my hair turned out with the Kinky Curly. I like that I can add oils when I use the Eco styler to soften it up.

  3. Rhonda McKnight says:

    I have yet to try oils with the Eco. Maybe I'll do that. It's not only crunchy, but it seems dry. I admit to not working very hard at it. I should. It's cheaper than Miracurl.

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