My Summertime Hair Routine

Finally, I can say that summer is officially in full swing here in Colorado.  It certainly took it’s sweet time so I’m definitely enjoying the warmer weather and all it has to bring.  I must admit that blogging is a little further down on my list than before only because I’m drawn to the outdoors like a moth to flame.  I even have a new summertime hair routine that keeps me out of the mirror and outdoors where I want to be.

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My Summertime Hair Routine

I’m still concerned about the hair I lost when I was caring for my scalp psoriasis in the fall.  That whole experience left me wanting to get back to the length I had before all of the breakage and shedding.  To retain my length I’ve been keeping my hair up as much as possible so that my ends are protected and moisturized.  

I’m using a method I heard about on Traycee Simmons’ youtube channel.  One of the things she did to help grow her hair out was wearing it up all week (or Monday through Friday) then down on the weekends.  Mostly, I put my hair up in a low bun for work and then maybe a top knot for bedtime.  Some days though I like to rock a curly ponytail (which looks like a pony puff by the end of the day but whatever).  I use Ouchless hair ties to pull my hair back but always switch to a fabric scrunchie whenever I get home. 

On the weekends, I like to wear my hair out because I get so bored after a whole week of buns and ponytails.  For the summertime my hair routine has changed as far as my wash n’ go is concerned.  Surprisingly my method for styling my wash n’ go is the exact same as my previous summertime wash n’ go post back in 2015!  I tell ya, once I find products my hair likes, I stick with ’em, honey.  

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As for summer activities I’ve been enjoying my garden.  Thankfully the majority of my gardening efforts survived the relentless hail storms of the spring.  It’s nice to see that our vegetable plants are finally taking off and hopefully we’ll have some hefty end of summer harvests.  

potted tomato and pepper plants
Our tomatoes and peppers are finally taking off now that the weather has warmed up.


I’m looking forward to growing and retaining some inches between now and the fall so stay tuned for more updates on my hair growth journey!

Hair Products to Bring on Vacation

Side view of woman with curly hair

Here in Colorado we are finally getting a taste of some warmer weather.  Sure we’ve had a few sunny days here and there but this week is supposed to be gorgeous!  Now I can actually start making plans for summer which, for me, means a lot of gardening and outdoor activities.  Some of you may be thinking about vacationing soon which prompted this post.  I thought to myself, “what hair products would I bring on vacation?”  You can also think of this as my, “if  I were stranded on a desert island what hair products would I take?” list.

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Tips for Starting Your Natural Hair Journey

This month I’ll be celebrating 10 years on my natural hair journey.  I have learned so much over the years about my hair in it’s natural state.  I’ve also been lucky enough to share my findings through my videos on my YouTube  channel and here on my blog.  In today’s post I want to share some tips for anyone who is just starting their natural hair journey.

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5 Tips for Flawless Straight Natural Hair

One of the main reasons I decided to go natural was the versatility.  I just loved the fact that you could do so many different styles with natural hair.  If you’ve been following my YouTube channel then you know that I’ve been straightening my hair since the beginning.  One of my first video uploads was a slideshow of how I used a flat iron to straighten my TWA.  So many people asked how I did it.  Since then I have learned a few more things about how to get flawless straight natural hair and I’d like to share them today.

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The Benefits of Aloe Vera for Your Natural Hair

When I started learning about natural hair ten years ago, there wasn’t nearly as much information on it as there is now.  The first web pages that I landed on always focused on switching to products with all natural ingredients.  Slowly that information started showing up in YouTube videos where people were making their own hair products.  I have to admit that I was one of those people who swore by using (and making) all natural products.  

Over the years, I picked through the hits and misses but one ingredient is still present in my products today.  You may have guessed by the title that I’m talking about aloe vera.  I still swear by this ingredient because aloe vera has been a life saver for my hair.

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