Revisiting Braid Outs and Twist Outs

Large Twists
for a Twist Out Style

I’m always searching for new ways to style my hair because I love variety.  Recently though, I decided to just go back to the techniques that got my hair to where it is now.  During my first year with natural hair, braids and twists were what I used to stretch my hair for a bigger look.  They also helped to keep my hair protected at night.   After watching a couple of my favorite YouTubers, I was inspired to try something a little different.  I decided to try styling my hair with braids and twists but only use one product; leave-in conditioner.

Using small to medium individual
braids for more definition
In videos by JoStylin and HairCrush, both ladies mentioned that the only product used to style their hair was leave-in conditioner.  Of course I was lookin’ back at the screen and thinking, “Yeah, right.  That won’t work on my hair”.  Well, it not only worked but it also resulted in some of the best twist outs and braid outs I’ve had in a while!  

I started by using Giovanni Direct Leave-in because it’s what I had on hand.  Before, it seemed like it was too heavy on my hair and I kept getting this foaming action when I combed it through wet hair.  I realized that this “excess” conditioner dries clear and leaves the hair really moisturized.  Not only that, I was really happy to see my twists staying together and not unraveling like they used to.  I’m so excited about this discovery because using one product to style will save money while also helping me to “keep it simple”.

Here are some of the styles I’ve tried so far
Twist out Definition

Faux Bob Style
with hair textured with a Braid Out

Faux Bob Front View
With ends pinned under

Braided Ponytail Back View
Braid Out Style
Cornrows up into a ponytail

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