Goody Brand Hair Accessories at the Dollar Store

Rockin’ my new headband
from the dollar store

I was recently watching a YouTube video by one of my favorite online naturals, ItsMeMonchhichi, and found out that the Dollar store sometimes carries Goody Hair bling.  Of course, as with everything else, I had to check the Dollar Tree in my ‘hood because Colorado can sometimes get passed up on products. 

I was pleasantly surprised to find headbands, ponytail holders and mini clips manufactured by Goody.  I love to look at these in stores like Walmart and Target but can never bring myself to pay $5 or more for headbands.  When I saw some at the dollar store I quickly grabbed them up.  I also grabbed a pack of four mini clips but one of them broke on me.  I still have three left so I’m not too worried; they were $1!  Now I know where to go when I need something to spiff up my puff or wash n’ go styles but still want to keep a little money in my pockets.