Ron Paul Campaigns in Denver

Congressman Ron Paul
at the Renaissance Hotel in Denver

My husband and I have been longtime Ron Paul supporters.  When we found out that he would be in Denver this week, my husband made plans to go and hear him speak.  He made a stop here because of  the upcoming Colorado Caucus next week.  According to my husband, who is also a Precinct Captain, there were about 1200 people in attendance at the Renaissance Hotel on Quebec St. in Denver.   Afterwards, Congressman Paul was headed for another event in Colorado Springs.

Of course my Hubby picked up lots of bumper stickers and signage for the canvasing he and his Co-Captain will be doing later this week.  He also brought home something that I thought was really interesting.  It was the Ron Paul Family Cook Book.  Looking through it was pretty neat.  It included lots of pictures of Ron Paul with his own family and even his military portrait.  I’m looking forward to trying out some of the recipes from the book in the coming months.

My Husband
Supporting Presidential
Candidate Ron Paul

After the event, my husband headed over to the local Ron Paul office to volunteer for a few hours on the phones.