A Family Affair

My Dad is a licensed barber and has been cutting other people’s hair since I was very young. He always did cuts and trims for friends and family. I remember when he used to cut my younger brothers’ hair. When they were small he would sit them on top of phone books on a chair in the kitchen.

My mother on the other hand was always very good with braiding hair. She taught me how to french braid my own hair when I was 10 years old. Now that I’m Natural, I’m very grateful for learning this technique.

My younger brother and I took after my dad and learned how to cut hair for our friends. I did it more as a hobby throughout college and to get practice for when I did my own hair. My brother is currently going to school to become a licensed barber. He even participated in a “Barber Cut-Off” earlier this year at a large hairshow in downtown Denver. I am proud to say that he is very skilled at his craft.

Now that I have a family of my own, we do things just like when I was growing up. My husband has long straight hair and my boys have short curly fros. Mine is definitely the thickest of the bunch. Still, I manage to somehow keep up with everyone’s individual hair needs. I do all of our trims; curly and straight. My trims are usually once a month. Sometimes I’ll even have my mother over for a trim and flat iron. For me, it’s just always been this way. When it comes to hair, we like to keep it in the family.

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