Reshma Henna Review

I recently found Reshma Henna at a local Indian grocery store. After hearing about it online, I thought I would try it out. For 200 grams the cost was only three dollars. I figured if it worked I was definitely going back to buy more. Well, it not only worked, it also rinsed out a lot easier than the henna I used in the past.

I combined 100 grams Reshma Henna with about 50 grams Amla powder which is a great conditioner. I also had a little Moroccan Henna leftover from my order so I figured I would use the rest. The resulting color definitely covered my stubborn greys but was still very burgundy red. Indoors it still looks dark but you can really see the red tone in the sun. I was hoping for a different result because amla is known for darkening but, oh well.

On other occasions I combined Indigo with my Henna for a brunette color. Somehow I was still ending up with a more reddish auburn. I may end up going black by applying the Indigo to my hair after I’ve rinsed the henna. I’ve heard that this 2 step process will also give the best gray coverage. Either that or I’ll give the henna/indigo mix one more go but this time using more indigo.

4 thoughts on “Reshma Henna Review

  1. Anonymous says:

    What did you use to mix it with? Is strictly water okay or do you suggest using a citrus-based liquid?

  2. Mimi says:

    I would definitely add something acidic to the mix because it helps the dye (lawsone) to release. I've tried it with just water and the color did not develop as much. I normally use green tea or lemon juice for this part. Then I mix in enough water until I get the right consistency.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I personally love the color that you achieved after your henna application. I was wondering how long you left the henna in before you washed it out? I recently ordered some Reshma henna and I'm hoping to get the same results as you did! *fingers crossed*

    P.S. is your hair relaxed? I am, and I'm wondering if henna is drying for processed hair.

    Thanks so much for your reply

  4. Mimi says:

    My hair is natural (no relaxer) so my hair was straightened with a flat iron in the pic above. Since I'm dyeing my hair with henna I usually leave it in for 3 to 4 hours. It can be drying which is why I like to use a cheapie conditioner to co-wash it out. I usually also do a moisture deep treatment afterwards to give my hair a moisture boost. You can use it on relaxed hair but probably after (not before) you do a relaxer or the relaxer may not take very well. HTH 🙂

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