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I like to use Henna to blend in my grays and strengthen my hair but I don’t always have time to do a full Henna application.  I read up on Henna glosses sometime last year and now I’ll do that when I’m short on time or just want to stretch my Henna stash.  It’s like doing a deep conditioning treatment with Henna added.  This way you get some of the benefits of Henna without the long, messy process.

Henna Gloss using
Henna, Conditioner and Natural Oils
Basically, instead of using enough Henna powder to cover all of your hair, you only need a couple of tablespoons.  You still mix it with water, green tea or lemon juice which will start the dye release process.  I add enough to make it into a pudding like consistency.  Then, when I’m ready to apply it, I add lots of my Suave Naturals Coconut Conditioner for a creamy base and then whatever natural oils I chose for deep conditioning.  Recently I even added plain yogurt to the mix and was really surprised by the results.  My hair felt so lush afterwards it wasn’t even funny!

I like to dampen my hair before applying the Henna gloss because it seems to go on a bit easier that way.  After it’s all in I sometimes sit under the dryer with a plastic baggie for maybe thirty minutes and then leave it on for awhile after that.  Rinsing it out is waaay easier than rinsing out a full henna treatment.  The conditioner gives a lot of slip so it comes right out.  Then I like to co-wash to make sure that I got it all.  It’s easier but still helps to blend my gray strands…can’t beat that.

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