My Protective Hair Styles for Summer

Side Bun

I’m really trying to be patient for APL which has been my hair length goal for a while now.  I’m still an inch away from it which is really frustrating.  I’m guessing it will take another two months before I reach it.  I’ve decided that in order get to where I want to be, I need to really baby my hair and keep it protected. 

It actually feels good to keep my hair off of my neck on hot days.  I try to wear my hair up in a bun or french braids whenever I can.  Sometimes I also like to throw it up into the occasional puff.  I’ve even been thinking about wearing some type of half wig or lace front to keep my hair completely under wraps.  That’s a new concept for me though so it may be a minute before I jump on that bandwagon.  I wore it down for the 4th of July weekend but now it’s back up again.

Side Bun Back view
French Braids

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