Gearing Up for Summer

Finally here in Colorado we are getting some warmer weather.  That weekly snow storm business was beginning to drive me crazy!  Every time I saw the cold temps coming I cringed at the idea of wearing a Wash n’ Go.  Curly hair is great but, wet hair when the weather is cold is not so great.  As a result, I have been wearing my hair either straight or in stretched styles.


Now I’m beginning to wonder what style I want to rock for the summer months.  I’m thinking about maybe taking on Havana Twists.  These are twists done using Marley Braid hair but much larger (and faster) than mini or medium size twists.  It looks like it may be easy to install but I haven’t done my own extensions in ages so who knows what I’ll get.

I’m also loving the medium size, “Poetic Justice” type box braids.  I would also be doing these myself but I tried to practice recently with some leftover hair from last time and it didn’t go so well.  Until I make up my mind and try to tackle a summer protective style, I’ll be either straight or curly depending on what activities my family and I have planned.  Since the warm weather is late here I’d better hurry up and decide before it’s too late!


4 thoughts on “Gearing Up for Summer

  1. Sabrina R Perkins says:

    Being another curly in Colorado…I don't mind the wash and go in the winter months. I'll go with a wet head in a minute and only wear a hat if it's below 20 degrees. I love both braided styles so can't wait to see what you choose.

  2. Mimi says:

    Sometimes I get chilly just waiting for my hair to airdry indoors…lol! Going out wet hair while it's cold out is too much for me 🙂

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