Stay Relaxed or Go Natural?

So there I was without a flat iron and wondering how on earth I was going to start growing my damaged hair longer.  I was already certain that my hair was suffering because of the lighter hair color I decided to use for two years.  What else was I doing wrong?

I jumped on Google and did a search on growing african american hair longer.  I found a site called “”.  I read about how the site’s founder, Robin Woods, grew her hair to about waist length by using the “Crown & Glory” method.  She talked about using braids as a protective style to help retain hair growth. She also gave suggestions on how to care for the hair like, how to comb it and deep conditioning.  The thing I remember most was how she explained that she only did a relaxer 2 times per year.  Say whatShe would go 6 whole months without a relaxer!  That seemed like an extremely long time to me considering the longest I went between relaxers was 8-10 weeks.                  
My hair after my 1st pregnancy
I found out that this method was called “relaxer stretching”. Basically you use a relaxer less frequently to give you hair a chance to grow.  To me that really made sense because I remembered how long my hair was after my first pregnancy.  I stopped doing any haircolor or relaxers during that time because I didn’t want it to effect my baby and my hair flourished as a result.
While I researched it more I kept seeing all of this information about, “going natural”.  I had no idea what that meant at the time so I was fascinated.  It seemed like there were so many women out there who just decided to let go of the relaxer altogether.  Then I started to see all of the cool hair styles that you could do if your hair was in its’ natural state.  I really wanted to go natural and grow my hair long but I wasn’t sure how I would look.  And then there was my hubby…what was he going to think.  So, I was at a crossroads.  Would I go natural or keep it straight?
Next time, “What finally made me decide to go Natural”

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