Welcome to my Blog, Curly in Colorado!

I’m excited to have a new blog where I can share what I know (and am still learning) about Natural Hair.  I have been Natural for over a year now and transitioned for 9 mos before actually doing the Big Chop.

Why I started a Blog
I have a YouTube channel called mitchellzee where I post videos on how I do my own naturally curly/ kinky hair. Editing video is pretty time consuming so I’ll be sharing some things here that I may not have time to put into video format.

Upcoming Posts
I really like all things hair and makeup. I plan on doing some product reviews on items that I have discovered that work for me. I’m also a mom…a little bit of a Domestic Diva if you will so I’ll also be sharing some of what I’ve learned over the years raising my three sons (we call them the “Curly Hair Crew”).

Stayed tuned for info on hair, beauty, shopping, food, and just plain tips on what I do to make it all work.

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