New Year, New Trim

My new Stainless Steel Sheers by Conair
I was looking at my hair for the past few months and noticing that my curl pattern had gotten looser.  I knew that henna can have this effect so I added amla powder to my last few applications to prevent this from happening any further.  After wearing my hair straight twice in December, I was pretty sure that I was experiencing some heat damage.  My hair texture is thinner in the front so it always happens there first.  The rest of my hair was still curly but not as thick as before.  After using my Aubrey Organics GPB conditioner for a couple of light protein treatments, I knew that my hair, although it looked better, still needed a trim. 

My stretched hair just before
trimming the first section

I was due for a trim this month anyway so I figured why not invest in some new sheers.  I bought the stainless steel hair sheers by Conair.  I was surprised to find them in a kit that also came with a cape…COOL!  Instead of flat ironing my hair again, I decided to do the trim on stretched hair.  This method showed me that it is possible to do a trim without using heat.  I decided to go for it and take off a little more than the usual 1/8″ to 1/4″.  I cut a full 1/2″ off of each section!  That is a whole months’ growth for me but it was definitely worth it. 
Front View
Thicker, Curlier Hair with Shape
The result…MY CURLS ARE BACK!  I’m so excited because my hair has not been this thick and curly for so long.  The bangs are still pretty loose but I’m okay with that.  The other thing that decided to join the party is my crazy shrinkage.  My hair looks really short since the trim even though it’s still past my shoulders in the back.  This is exciting because I didn’t actually have to cut very much in order to get back where I wanted to be.  I’m still serious about achieving great lengths with my hair this year.  Now, with the trim, I have the healthy ends I need to start things off right.  

Back View
Looks short but it’s still
past shoulder length

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