Changing My Hair Routine for the Winter Months

Curly in Colorado Winter Hair Routine
Making changes to my Wash n’ Go routine
for the winter months

This is the time of year where we start to make changes in a lot of ways.  Sometimes the drier weather may call for heavier products for the hair and skin.  This has been the case for me lately as I have had to make adjustments to my hair routine to make up for the lack of moisture.  Normally I’m able to do my wash n’ go style with just two products.  I like to use my favorite leave-in, Paul Mitchell’s The Conditioner with Eco Styler gel (the Argan oil one).  Right around early October I could tell that my usual combo was not working like it did over the summer.  I decided to add a little Castor oil to seal in moisture before applying the gel.  This helped some, but still wasn’t quite what my hair needed.

I started leaving conditioner in my hair that I would normally rinse out.   The Tresseme Naturals conditioners worked great for this but sometimes I used the Aussi Moist conditioner.  Both products were thick, rich and gave lots of slip.  The Aussi Moist even worked as a styler on it’s own and gave me lots of curl definition.  The only thing though with using conditioner only was that I didn’t get as much wear out of the style.  With Eco gel added I could go 4 to 5 days before having to re-do my hair.  With conditioner as my styler, I’m lookin’ at two days tops.

I finally settled on applying a little of the Tresseme conditioner to my hair for a moisture boost.  Then I’ll apply a little bit of the Paul Mitchell leave-in to each section I’m working on.  I seal in the moisture with a quarter size amount of castor oil for each section.  Finally, I re-wet my hair by spritzing water on the sections before applying the gel for hold.  It’s taken me a few weeks to figure this new method out but it seems to be working a lot better for me.  The added moisture makes my hair shrink up more but that’s a good thing so I welcome it.

4 thoughts on “Changing My Hair Routine for the Winter Months

  1. Yolanda Grunewald says:

    great post! I really need to figure out how to protect my hair now during winter times.. i think i would use a little oil on my hair to try and protect it from the cold, because more moisturisers would probably just make my hair frizzy (if its ina style) xx

  2. Mimi says:

    I agree. I seem to be having much better results when I use an oil than without. I've been using olive or castor oil lately.

  3. Yolanda Grunewald says:

    answer to ur comment: Yeah i really recommend mineral foundation, it just feels like you have less on your face, while still giving coverage. And I really like the pur minerals products that i used in the video, the bronzer is pretty dark with great shimmer, the powder I LOVE, and the mascara gives great long lashes. i can let u know when my review of the products is up! 🙂 xx

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