Keeping My Hair Moisturized While Protective Styling keeping hair moisturized protective styling
It’s a wig!
protective styling with
this full cap wig by Freetress

Last week I started a personal protective style challenge.  A protective style is one that protects the ends of your hair by tucking them away.  My personal challenge is to style my hair this way for a few months.  This will be challenging because I prefer to wear my hair down more often than not.  Hopefully this will lead to the length retention I need in order to gain a few more inches this year.  I plan to do this by wearing my hair in up dos and
under wigs.

Right now,  I only have two wigs and plan to purchase a couple more.   I’ll also be styling my hair in buns, braids and flat twists when I’m not wearing a wig.  I’m doing all of this to keep myself from manipulating my hair.  I suspect that the constant styling
I’m used to has led to my hair length plateau.  For me, more styling
tends to lead to more trimming. keeping hair moisturized protective styling
The moisturizer that saved the day!

Before braiding my hair up last week, I cleansed my hair and scalp with a sulfate free shampoo.  I towel dried my hair and applied leave-in conditioner and grapeseed oil to seal in the moisture.  I assumed that this would be enough to keep my hair moisturized for at least a couple of days.  I also used Eco Styler hair gel to smooth my edges down.  Lastly, I braided my hair into two dutch braids like the ones in my braiding video.  Then I wore my wig during the day and wrapped my hair up at night for about two days.

I  thought that the products and the fact that my hair was braided meant that my hair would stay moisturized under my wig.  Boy was I wrong!  A couple of days later I took my hair down and my hair was so dry.  I quickly applied some moisturizer and then sealed with the grapeseed oil again.  I braided it back up and hoped for the best.  The next day, I could tell that my hair was feeling softer but I still wanted to give it more moisture.  I ended up cleansing my hair again and conditioning.  I decided to do a wash and go style using a heavy conditioner as my leave-in, moisturizer, oil and then gel.  My hair had so much life!  The moisturizer I think was the key.  My leave-in conditioner was not enough on its own. keeping hair moisturized protective styling
My current combination of products
to keep my hair moisturized while protective styling

After wearing my hair curly for a few days, I decided to try again.  This time, after my cleansing routine, I applied a heavy conditioner as my leave-in, moisturizer and grapeseed oil.  Then I brushed my hair back into a simple bun.

I can tell a huge difference in how my hair feels.  If this combination of products works for me, I will continue to do this throughout my protective style challenge.

New Multivitamin for Hair Growth

I joined the “Ultimate Hair Growth Challenge,” on K.I.S.S. at the end of August.  It lasts for 6 months and only requires two things:

1.  Use a growth aid 2-5 times per week
2.  Take a multivitamin every day
At the beginning of the challenge, I was on the tail end of a bottle of Women’s One a Day vitamins.  I can’t say too much about them as far as hair growth because I didn’t notice any difference while using them.  I also kept having an upset stomach whenever I took them.  The hair challenge gave me a good enough excuse to start looking for
something new. 

I wanted a vitamin that would give me the minerals I need along with some natural elements.  So I headed to one of my favorite Natural Grocery stores called Vitamin Cottage where I often shop for supplements and natural hair care products.  The prices are reasonable and they have a pretty good selection.  I settled on the Women’s One Food Based Multivitamin by Rainbow Light.  It is gentler on my stomach (as the bottle states) and is made with things like kale and spinach juice, organic spirulina, probiotics and enzymes.  So far, I prefer it over my old vitamin because with it being easier to take, I’m keeping up with it better.  I can almost swear that my nails are growing faster so that tells me it may a good choice for my hair growth challenge.  My first length check is at the end of October so we’ll see how it goes.