The Beauty Supply Warehouse

The Big B.S.S.

Whenever I’m watching YouTube videos and there is a product suggestion I’m always certain I’ll be able to get my hands on it.  I go to Ulta for anything high end or the Big B.S.S. (beauty supply store) in Aurora for everything else.  If you’re in Denver or Aurora, Colorado this place is a must see!

The official name is the Beauty Supply Warehouse and it is located near the intersection of 6th and Potomac just off highway 225.  It used to be the old Skate City from my younger days but is now home to all things hair.  This place doesn’t just carry a lot of different brands but in most cases they have the complete line.  Items from Palmer’s, Mane n’ Tail, Mizani, Hawaiian Silky, Aphogee, IC Fantasia and many more.  I’m not kiddin’.  The first time I went in there I didn’t even know what to do with myself.  Sadly, there are a lot of products there that contain silicone, mineral oils and petroleum.  You know the products I’m talking about; the ones that say they’re for ethnic hair.  Still, I love the selection of Annie’s rollers, hair accessories, satin head coverings and synthetic hair.  Yes, I said hair!  If you are looking for half wigs, lacefronts or hair for braiding you should definitely stop in.  (Even if you just want to get a look at a product before buying online.)

Aisles and Aisles of Hair Products!

There is also a salon inside and usually a vendor or two.  I haven’t looked into having any hair or nail services done there because I’m a DIYer to the core.  The stylists and nail artists always seem to be pretty busy though.

Rollers and Kanekalon Braiding Hair

When I stop in I usually grab my favorite shampoo by Elasta QP, rollers, Olive Creme Moisturizer by Hollywood Beauty and my Cholesterol conditioner.  I also like the fact that they carry a wider selection of the Organic Root Stimulator (ORS) products and the ECO Styler gels.   If I finally get my courage up I may stop back in soon for a half wig or maybe just a drawstring pony.  Last I checked the 100% Kanekalon braiding hair was under $4 (USD) per pack!  Hmmm. . . now where did I see that braiding tutorial?

Biking with Natural Hair

My Bike Helmet
with Flat Twists Underneath

My family and I love going on outdoor adventures.  This summer we have been doing a lot more bike riding together.  I always make sure that the kids wear their helmets but I haven’t really been into wearing mine.

That was until I noticed nearly every other adult on the bike path wearing theirs.  At the very least they had on a cap for sun protection.  So I decided it was time to get out the old bike helmet.  Never mind the fact that it makes me look like Kazoo from the Flintstones.  Safety first, right?  The only thing I had to figure out though was what to do with my thick, curly hair underneath.

When I go for a bike ride in the morning, the solution is pretty simple.  My hair is usually in twists or braids from the night before so I just wait until after the bike ride to take my hair down.  This means shuttling the kids to school while wearing a satin scarf on my head but hey, I know I’ll be cute later on in the day, so that’s alright.  I don’t even bother removing the scarf because it protects my hair while under the helmet.  Another option is after a braid out when my hair is more flexible, I can get my hair to “lay down” under the helmet without too much of a fight using bobby pins.

Flat Twists under Helmet
Back View

Other times though when my hair is up in a bun or puff, the helmet doesn’t really work.  Still, in Colorado you really can’t get away without some type of sun protection.  The high elevation here can make for some serious sun exposure so I still like to wear a visor and leave my hair up on top of my head like in the pic below.

So there you go Natural Hair Queens and Curly Goddesses…now there is no reason not to rock your head gear while on your bike ride.  Be safe and happy riding.

Rockin’ the Bun with
My Visor

Denver’s Natural Hair Meet-Up is Almost Here!

I can’t believe that the Denver Natural Hair Meet-up is finally coming up this Saturday, June 25th.  Naturals, transitioners and anyone considering going natural are all welcome to join us for what will be a “Girl’s Night Out” style gathering.  We’ll talk hair and swap stories while enjoying some great food.  We’ll each be paying for our own eats but hopefully we can pick-up a sponsor for future events.

Sabrina of the blog, Seriously Natural, has done a great job talkin’ the event up to local stylists who we hope will also be in attendance.  She has even gathered samples of hair goodies from companies like Kinky Curly and Carol’s Daughter!  I’m excited too because this will be the first hair meet-up I’ve been to.  Hope to see you there!

Don’t Forget to R.S.V.P.

Celestial Seasonings Tour

Boulder, CO
Nestled in the Foothills of Boulder, Colorado is the headquarters for Celestial Seasonings Tea.  The company was founded in 1969 and has been producing herbal teas ever since.  Here in Colorado, it is common knowledge that the company offers a free tour of the facility.  So, we packed up the kids and made the 40 minute drive out to Boulder. 
Our “Tickets”–Packets of Herbal Tea
While waiting for the tour to begin, we sat down and enjoyed some tea samples.  The visitor area was decked out with lots of original artwork and information about the companies’ history.  Next, we viewed a short film about how it all began during the, “Summer of Love,” when life (and the company) were much simpler.  It went on to talk about all of the places throughout the world where the tea leaves and botanicals for the herbal teas are produced.
After the viewing, we were led on a tour through the factory.  We were all fitted with lovely hairnets prior to entering.  My husband laughed when I could just barely fit my curly fro into mine.  I got my revenge when he was outfitted with a “beard net” for his facial hair. 
One of the highlights was the much anticipated Peppermint room.  The smell was so intense from all of the Spearmint and Peppermint stocked to the ceiling, that it cleared the sinuses and irritated our eyes a bit. 
Lastly, we ended up in the Gift Shop where we bought a few boxes of tea at discounted prices.  We love drinking tea on a daily so we were in “tea heaven”.