DIY Length Check Tee Shirt

Lovin’ my new DIY Length Check Tee Shirt

I’ve been thinking to myself lately that I would like to see how long I can grow my hair in the next six months.  This would mean a little restraint on my part because I would have to put the scissors down for once.  I have been trimming periodically throughout the year including the mini big chop I did on my bangs.  I think I’m finally ready to see how long my hair can get if I just leave it alone and let it grow.

To keep track of my progress I decided to put pen to tee shirt.  I purchased a white tee from one of my favorite thrift stores last year but didn’t try it on before purchasing it.  When I got it home I realized that it was too snug for me to wear out so it has been in the drawer ever since.  I figured the tight fit actually made it a good choice for a length check shirt so I got it out.

I just used a Sharpie marker and large craft ruler to make lines one inch apart.  I think it would have turned out neater if I used a thinner marker but it should still work just fine.

As of right now I don’t intend on growing my hair to anything past MBL (mid back length).  I hear all the time how people want waist length hair but that just doesn’t appeal to me.  I keep thinking that would be way too much hair to deal with.  Honestly, I would even be happy with BSL (bra strap length).  At least with the tee shirt I’ll be able to see my progress in inches rather than by points on my body.

Here’s how I did it
I used a Sharpie Marker, Craft Ruler, White Tee Shirt
and a piece of  cardboard underneath to protect the floor
Don’t forget to put something inside the shirt or the ink
will bleed through to the front (see my oops?)

I made a dot to mark the center

Then several dots 1 inch apart

Finally I used the straight edge to draw lines across
Then numbered lines with zero as my starting point

I’m so excited to see how my hair measures up in the coming months.  I’ll be sure to post updates when I do my length checks.  
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Decoder Ring

In my posts I’ll be using some hair terminology and abbreviations that are common on other sites and forums.  Here is a brief list for future reference. There may be some additions to the list in the future.

BC/Big Chop–The point when you “chop” off any chemically relaxed ends to finally expose your natural hair texture.

Co-wash (ing)–Using Conditioner to cleanse the hair instead of Shampoo
DT/DC–Deep treatment or Deep condition sometimes done overnight or using a hooded dryer/heating bonnet.

Pre-Poo–Prepping the hair prior to Shampooing using conditioner or natural oils
Search & Destroy–Method used to trim splits or knots from individual strands of hair
SSK–Single Strand Knot; common with natural hair. These usually occur when the hair is worn in naturally curly styles often.
Transitioning–Growing your natural hair out from a chemical relaxer. During this time you will have both natural new growth and relaxed ends.

Henna–Natural hair dye that is derived from the Henna plant. Lawsone is the active ingredient and has a red/orange tint. It attaches itself to the keratin in the hair leaving the it with a permanent reddish tint and added strength.
Indigo–A natural dye that can be combined with Henna to produce shades from brown to jet black.
Cassia–Sometimes called “clear henna” provides conditioning to the hair and will impart a yellowish tone to light hair (leaves no color on dark hair)

*Braid-Out–Setting the hair overnight using braids for a crimped, wavy look
*Twist-Out–Using two strand twists to set the hair for a wavy/curly look
*Also used to stretch afro textured hair to show more length and fullness
Wash n’ Go–A style where the hair is left curly after washing and conditioning. It is common to use Conditioner, gel or other products to help define the curls and
minimize frizz
Roller Set–Using rollers (mesh, magnetic, perm rods) on wet hair and using a hooded dryer to “set” the style. The result; curls with a silky feel that lasts for days.

Hair Length Abbreviations
NL–Neck Length
CL–Collar Bone Length
SL–Shoulder Length
APL–Arm Pit Length
BSL–Bra Strap Length
MBL–Mid Back Length
WL–Waist Length