Godrej Nupur Henna Review

I’ve been using henna for the past year and a half now and can say that I have tried a few different types.  I use it to blend my greys with the rest of my dark hair and keep my scalp issues at bay.  Previously, I ordered it online but now purchase it locally from an Indian Grocery store.  Recently I picked up a new brand from Ananda Bazaar in Aurora, that I heard others rave about in the hair forums.  It’s called Godrej Nupur and is actually a mixture that includes brahmi (promotes hair growth), shikakai (cleanses hair and scalp), amla (darkens hair and prevents scalp infection) and bhringraj (conditions).  Finding all of these in one package is quite a deal.  I figured at $1.49 (USD) per package, the Nupur henna was definitely worth a try.

I added green tea and juice from

half a lemon
One package of Godrej Nupur henna holds 60 grams so I used two packages for my hair which is past shoulder length and very thick.  I kept my mix pretty simple and just added green tea and juice from half a lemon.  I added enough water to make it into a yogurt like consistency and let it sit for a few hours.  Before applying it to my hair, I added a little more water so that it was creamy enough to work with.  One thing I noticed is that the texture of the henna is a lot smoother than some of the others I have worked with (i.e. Reshma and Jamila).  This made it very easy to apply.  The color took very well and did a good job of staining my greys that were starting to peek through. 
Added plain water until the
henna was a yogurt like
I have used the product twice since purchasing it and can definitely say that my hair appears to be darker which is more to my liking (I found out last year that my adding honey to my henna applications caused it to lighten my hair a little).  I was looking for a darker result so the Nupur henna works for me.  Even so, my hair still looks a deep burgundy color when I’m outside.  For this reason I’m currently looking to do the 2 step process where you apply henna and then indigo to go completely black.  Overall though, I enjoy using the Godrej Nupur and will make sure to keep it stocked in my ever growing henna stash. 

7 thoughts on “Godrej Nupur Henna Review

  1. Anonymous says:

    I tried this product for the first time last week and I hate the results it dried out my curls and they dont clump like they use too. I wont be buying this again. My once jet black hair looks like a dirty brown. šŸ™

  2. Mimi says:

    Sorry to hear that. I wonder if you added amla powder if that would help. Henna can loosen curls but amla helps to keep the curls in tact.

  3. Joseph Valenti says:

    Have you tried adding a few tablespoons of molasses to your henna mixture, molasses darkens the henna, while honey lightens the henna mixture

  4. mitchellzee says:

    I haven't tried molasses but have used honey to lighten it. I also use indigo so I depend on that for darker hair.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I believe the problem is the henna, I recently found out that you cannot even use a permanent dye over henna, color won't penetrate your hair after several uses of henna treatments
    It seems henna coats the outer hair shaft like a glue, coloring the exterior.
    hair dyes work differently, and open the cuticle of the hair shaft.
    I found this info out after I attempted to dye my hair burgundy, I waisted my time and money.
    I wished I had done my research but who knew???

  6. mitchellzee says:

    It's true. Once you start to use henna the hair will not take dye from chemical color. So doing this means a permanent dye. I use the 2 step treatment for black hair using henna and then indigo. The only other way would be to grow the henna out and dye the new hair the color you want.

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